AUTOSCAN 4.0: New feature “Goods Issue” plus optimizations!

Our barcode scanner solution now offers the feature “Garage goods issue and storage goods issue (customer orders)”. Additionally, existing features have been improved!

With the release of version 4.0, our barcode scanner solution AUTOSCAN has gained one more main feature: It can now be used for garage goods issue and storage goods issue, thereby making the handling of service orders and parts sale orders noticeably easier!


The new features in detail

So, what exactly can you do with the new feature? Here is a summary:

Opening a customer order: Scanning the code on a parts sales order or a service order automatically opens the order on the device. As a printed barcode is not always available for every order, you can also choose the order manually from a list in AUTOSCAN.

Delivering parts: If you pick and scan a part that is already on the order, the delivered amount will be increased. You can also change the delivered amount manually, if the amount is not already posted in the DMS.


Adding a position to the order: When you scan the barcode of a part that is not on the order, a new position is automatically added to the order. If the part is already on the order, its amount is increased.

Grouping position in jobs: The positions of a service order can be grouped in jobs. If a new position is added, it can be added to a job.


The optimizations

The new feature is not the only improvement in version 4.0 – existing features have also been optimized!

Enhanced barcode recognition

EAN codes (e.g. on tyres) can now be identified and scanned. Additionally, a complex logic was implemented to recognize and read barcodes of different makes.

Optimized inventory feature

The inventory feature, introduced in version 2.0, was improved: You can now configure if the inventory recording should automatically be completed.

Optimized good receipt feature

It is now possible to set for each delivery mode if the positions should be stored automatically after the goods receipt – a configuration that is especially helpful in the handling business where goods are usually  issued/send out without being stored.

We would like the take the opportunity to thank all our customers working with us and giving us feedback which allows us to improve AUTOSCAN continuously!


After the release is before the release: Work on the support for the DMS version incadea.engine is running at full speed. AUTOSCAN will also be available for incadea.dms soon!


Interested in AUTOSCAN?

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