AUTOSCAN 5.0: Now available for incadea.engine!

With version 5.0, all features of AUTOSCAN are available for incadea.engine. Additionally, the new version includes optimizations of existing features.  


In the course of February, AUTOSCAN 5.0 will go through a pilot with two BMW car dealerships and one Mercedes dealership. All features, which have been in use for CARLO, will then be available for incadea.engine:

  • Incoming goods handling
  • Stocking
  • Relocating
  • Goods issue
  • Inventory
  • Parts information 


Included in the new version: Optimizations

The existing features of AUTOSCAN are continually optimized. Here is a selection of the optimizations included in version 5.0:

Identifying a delivery by scanning a part

Sometimes a delivery arrives without a barcode on the package or the documents. To identify the delivery you can now scan the barcode of any part included in the delivery.

Incoming goods handling based on orders

Not all suppliers send electronic delivery information automatically to the incadea cockpit. With AUTOSCAN 5.0 you can now do the incoming goods handling based on the parts orders. In order to do so, deliveries are automatically generated in the cockpit from every parts order. You can configure individually for which creditor such an automatic generation should take place.

Allocate a location during stocking

Brand-new parts usually do not have a fixed location. The allocation of a location is now integrated in the process of stocking – no need any more to leave the process and go to parts information to assign a location.

Full replacement of parts

AUTOSCAN now allows for full replacement of parts.

Completing incoming goods handling

Delivery number, entry date and document number can now be checked and if needed changed directly on the scanner when finishing the incoming goods handling process.

Interested in AUTOSCAN?

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