AUTOSCAN 7.0: Incoming goods handling without cockpit possible

The newest version of our barcode scanner solution allows the handling of incoming goods even if shipping data is not imported into the cockpit.

This new feature has been a special request by our customers who are car ship dealers with second or third makes or large parts dealers. In many cases, they have no electronic shipping data in the incadea cockpit and were therefore unable to handle incoming goods with AUTOSCAN.

The following process is now available to them in the new version 7.0:

1st step: Barcodes for creditors are being kept in the warehouse. The worker scans the needed barcode when a delivery arrives to start generating a delivery for the respective creditor.

2nd step: The worker scans the barcode on the delivery note or types the delivery note number and document date. AUTOSCAN now automatically generates a delivery.

3rd step: All parts are now being scanned and thereby added to the delivery. If a part is scanned that is not in the item table, it will automatically be looked up in the parts master and added (if available for the supplier).

4th step: An order corresponding to the delivery is generated in incadea. The manual generation of a parts purchase order is therefore obsolete.



By the way, version 7.1 will include an additional extra for this new process: It will be possible to compare the new delivery with existing orders!


Additional optimizations

AUTOSCAN delivery overview

AUTOSCAN provides an overview after the handling of incoming goods. For example, deviations are shown and can be edited. This overview has been optimized: First, deviations are now highlighted with color. Second, technically defective lines can be posted anew (e.g. if the validation against orders has not been made). Third, the posting can now be done manually and not just time-controlled.

Incoming goods handling

The concept of „virtual containers“ allows an efficient handling of incoming goods even if the data quality of the delivered containers is poor.

Posting date in incoming goods handling

The posting date can now be configured (possible are: today, document date, delivery date or order date).  


Apart from the already existing versions in German and English, AUTOSCAN is now also available in Czech, Slovak and Polish.