AUTOSCAN: New inventory feature!


Our barcode scanner solution now offers the feature “inventory” as well as central management of user, licenses and configurations.

One thing follow the other in the development of our barcode scanner solution AUTOSCAN – the first version has just been put into service by our first customers in May, now the second one is already available!


Support for CARLO and incadea.engine

With the release of version 2.0 AUTOSCAN is now also available for user of the DMS version CARLO. The version for incadea.engine is in the works and will be released in September!

Version 2.0 offers the following features for CARLO:

  • Inventory: Use AUTOSCAN to finish your inventory in no time by just scanning the barcodes of shelves and items. AUTOSCAN will notify you with messages and audio warnings if items are missing or found.
  • Part information: Just scan the barcode of a part to see all the related information stored in incadea (description, make, quantity and so on).
  • Manual input: It does happen sometimes that a barcode is illegible – in this case you can type in the number by hand.
  • Authentication: Every employee has his or her unique, numerical PIN code. Different permissions can be assigned to different users.  
  • Support of various clients and storage locations   
  • AUTOSCAN Cloud: We can use the new cloud to centrally manage all your configurations, licences and user incormation for you.

Easy to use and to avoid mistakes

When developing AUTOSCAN we put a lot of emphasis on great usability. To a large extent AUTOSCAN can be operated without the menu: When a barcode is scanned the system knows which workflow has to follow and opens automatically the needed menu item.

Another important aspect for us was the avoidance of mistakes – AUTOSCAN warns you with messages and audio warnings when encountreing wrong information (for example the wrong shelve, the wrong quantity of items...).

Outlook: 2017 has a lot in store!

Our maxim is: After the latest version is just before the next version – we are constantly working on more features and the availability for other DMS versions!

Version 3.0 is due in September and will include the following features for CARLO

  • Incoming goods handling
  • Storing
  • Relocation / Assigning shelve

As mentioned above, in September we will release a version of AUTOSCAN with all the aforementioned features for incadea.engine. And we will follow with the support for the newest DMS version incadea.dms within this year!


Hardware for AUTOSCAN

We developed AUTOSCAN using Android and support all devices with this operating system (starting with version 5). As hardware plays a vital part in making AUTOSCAN easy and fun to use, we looked for the ideal hardware and can offer you the following two devices:

1. SEUIC AutoID9 with accessories like pistol grip and charging station
2. Honeywell CT50


On stage – national and international

In June we introduced the barcode scanner solution during our customer events in Austria. We are very happy about the interest shown as well as the interesting conversations and questions that provide valuable input for the further development of AUTOSCAN.

AUTOSCAN has also sparked interest on the international level: We will present our product at the international incadea partner meeting in Athens at the end of June!


Interested in AUTOSCAN?

Werner Schumacher will be happy to answer all your question – contact him now!