S4 under new ownership

We have a new owner and a new management. Our founding motto reamins unchanged: "More than a partnership"!

OneDealer International GmbH is the new owner of S4. Heinz Strohbichler, CEO of OneDealer International GmbH and S4 founding member, and Wolfgang Stiendl, long-time S4 employee, will take over S4 management.

"Our most important goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Our motto, since our establishment in 1992, has been – and always will be: ‘More than a Partnership’. It shows our esteemed customers that we – and our employees – will continue making sure that you can successfully use our solutions," Heinz Strohbichler and Wolfgang Stiendl point out.

The new management consisting of Wolfgang Stiendl and Heinz Strohbichler with the outgoing CEO Johannes Widmann (left to right).

Heinz Strohbichler is one of the founders of S4 Computer and has been partner and CEO of S4 for 22 years; during that time, he was also CEO and shareholder of incadea GmbH for four years. In May 2015, he became the CEO of OneDealer International GmbH.

Wolfgang Stiendl has been working for S4 since 2004 and has become an incadea "veteran". All of his years of developing and consulting for incadea DMS will come in handy for his new service and development duties.


S4 + OneDealer = More value for dealerships!

OneDealer International knows the auto industry: in the past years, the company has focused completely on developing digitalization and optimization solutions for automotive retail sales and after-sales processes.

OneDealer’s solutions are based on state-of-the-art IT technology, which is not tied to a single DMS. Many dealerships and importers in various countries have already been successfully using their systems for many years.

In the future, these SAP/HANA-based innovations will be made available to Austrian auto dealers. The close integration of OneDealer’s digital suite with incadea’s DMS will specifically benefit S4 Computer customers with an all-in-one solution, which will significantly improve customer loyalty and boost sales.


Cooperation with CSS

Regardless of this change in ownership, S4 Computer will continue to work closely with the previous owner, CSS GmbH. While the AUTOSCAN bar code scanner solution developed by CSS will remain part of the S4 product portfolio, CSS customers can continue to rely on S4’s IT infrastructure expertise.

"It was a difficult decision to hand the company over. I am glad, to entrust S4 and its management to someone who knows and appreciates the industry, the company, our customers and our employees. As CEO at CSS, I am looking forward to many more years of great cooperation with the S4 team," says Johannes Widmann.


More information about OneDealer International GmbH

OneDealer International, based in Koblenz, Germany, was founded in 2015 and tasked with developing an all-in-one automotive solution for dealers of all sizes (importers, dealerships, OEMs and car repair shops) to manage their whole business more efficiently. OneDealer is part of the Real Consulting Group and one of the leading providers for SAP and Microsoft solutions. Its 250 employees have many years of combined knowledge and extensive experience in the auto industry.

More information about OneDealer can be found here: www.onedealer.com