Barcode Scanner AUTOSCAN

AUTOSCAN is the ideal barcode scanner solution for workshops and parts dealers working with the incadea dealer management system.

Work processes are automated and thereby noticeable more efficent thanks to  seamless integration with incadea offered for AUTOSCAN. Long walks through the warhouse to the work station are a thing of the past as most of the tasks of a warehouseman can be finished in front of the part!

Additionally, mistakes are avoided by the automatisation and the modern, user-friendly interface. AUTOSCAN makes it easy to work professionally!


Why choose AUTOSCAN?

  • Using AUTOSCAN has proven to save valuable time – be it during stocking or during the tedious inventory! 

  • Using AUTOSCAN is so easy that no long explanations or trainings are needed. For example: AUTOSCAN automatically opens the needed menu item after scanning a barcode and guides the user through the work process. If you can use a smartphone, you can use AUTOSCAN!
  • AUTOSCAN ensures more quality – mistakes are avoided thanks to the defined work processes and the warnings given when incorrect entries are made (e.g. wrong location or wrong quantity).
  • AUTOSCAN saves legwork: AUTOSCAN mobilizes your workplace. Scan to incadea anytime and anywhere without the need for a computer.
  • AUTOSCAN helps you to more satisfied customers through faster order processing: AUTOSCAN automatically allocates received parts to where they are needed.
  • AUTOSCAN is always 100 % up-to-date thanks to incadea integration: AUTOSCAN directly retrieves data from your DMS.
  • Save trees thanks to AUTOSCAN: Say goodbye to printouts. With AUTOSCAN all picking lists are in the palm of your hand.
  • We offer cost-efficient pricing from the first scanner
  • AUTOSCAN runs on modern devices: AUTOSCAN is an Android app and uses modern hardware.

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Most important features

  • Incoming goods handling: Just scan the delivery note or the barcode on one of the parts in the delivery. Alternatively you can choose a delivery manually. Then scan the codes on the delivered parts in order to record the receipt. AUTOSCAN shows you the parts information, the parts number as well as the designated location. A list of incorrect quantities is provided automatically in the DMS to be used for claims.
  • Stocking: You can choose between booking the delivery with one klick or letting yourself being guided by AUTOSCAN to the right location for each part, where you can store the part with a scan. The delivery is automatically booked in the DMS!
  • Relocating: Just scan the code of the old and the new shelf/bin of a part to relocate it.
  • Goods issue: This feature allows you to manage service and parts sales oders. No matter if you are opening a customer order, adding a position or deliver parts – all of it can be done simply by scanning!
  • Inventory: Use AUTOSCAN to finish your inventory in no time by just scanning the barcodes of shelves and items. AUTOSCAN will notify you with messages and audio warnings if items are missing or found.
  • Parts information: Just scan the barcode of a part to see all the related information stored in incadea (description, make, quantity and so on).
  • Label printing: Print labels for your parts including name, number, shelf number and barcode.
  • Manual input: Barcodes can be illegible – in this case you can manually type the number.
  • Authentication: Every employee has his or her unique, numerical PIN code. Different permissions can be assigned to different users. 
  • Support of incadea environment with multiple entities and stock locations
  • AUTOSCAN Cloud: You can manage all your customers configurations, licences and user incormation centrally in the cloud.

Latest information

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Want to know more...
Want to know more...
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