AUTOSCAN 3.0: All features available for CARLO!

All features of our barcode scanner solution for warehousing are now available for CARLO.

The development of our barcode scanner solution for warehousing is making great leaps: Release 3.0 now offers the full range of functions for the version CARLO (OPEL) of the dealer management system by incadea.

Interfaces for other incadea versions (incadea.engine & incadea.dms) are in the making!

The features of AUTOSCAN 3.0

  • Incoming goods handling: Just scan the delivery note or choose a delivery manually. Then scan the codes on the delivered parts in order to record the receipt. AUTOSCAN shows you the parts information, the parts number as well as the designated location. A list of incorrect quantities is provided automatically in CARLO to be used for claims.
  • Stocking: You can choose between booking the delivery with one klick or letting yourself being guided by AUTOSCAN to the right location for each part, where you can store the part with a scan. The delivery is automatically booked in CARLO!
  • Relocating: Just scan the code of the old and the new location of a part to relocate it.
  • Inventory: Use AUTOSCAN to finish your inventory in no time by just scanning the barcodes of shelves and items. AUTOSCAN will notify you with messages and audio warnings if items are missing or found.
  • Parts information: Just scan the barcode of a part to see all the related information stored in incadea (description, make, quantity and so on).
  • Manual input: Barcodes can be illegible – in this case you can manually type the number.
  • Authentication: Every employee has his or her unique, numerical PIN code. Different permissions can be assigned to different users. 
  • Support of various clients and storage locations  
  • AUTOSCAN Cloud: You can manage all your customers configurations, licences and user incormation centrally in the cloud.

Why choose AUTOSCAN?

Of course, the extensive range of features needed for smoothly running a warehouse took center stage during the development of AUTOSCAN. Beyond that, it was very important to us to create a solution that customers just love to work with – and we are proud that we reached our goals:

  • Using AUTOSCAN has proven to save valuable time – be it during stocking or during the tedious inventory! 

  • Using AUTOSCAN is so easy that no long explanations or trainings are needed. For example: AUTOSCAN automatically opens the needed menu item after scanning a barcode and guides the user through the work process. If you can use a smartphone, you can use AUTOSCAN!
  • AUTOSCAN ensures more quality – mistakes are avoided thanks to the defined work processes and the warnings given when incorrect entries are made (e.g. wrong location or wrong quantity).

Hardware for AUTOSCAN

We developed AUTOSCAN using Android and we therefore support all devices with this operating system (starting with version 5).

As hardware plays a vital part in making AUTOSCAN easy and fun to use, we looked for the ideal hardware, ran some tests in cooperation with a big parts dealer and can now offer you the following device:

SEUIC AutoID9 with accessories like pistol grip and charging station

On stage – national and international

In June we introduced the barcode scanner solution during our customer events in Austria. We are very happy about the interest shown as well as the interesting conversations and questions that provide valuable input for the further development of AUTOSCAN.

AUTOSCAN has also premiered on the international level: We presented our product at the international incadea partner meeting in Athens at the end of June where it was met with considerable interest!


Interested in AUTOSCAN?

Werner Schumacher will be happy to answer all your question – contact him now!