AUTOSCAN: "Pays off and makes sense!"

We are not only presenting a new version of our scanner solution but also customers convinced of AUTOSCAN!


A number of customers have started working with AUTOSCAN since its launch, among them die Austrian car dealerships Lingl (Opel) and Höglinger (BMW). Both are happy to work with AUTOSCAN – here their feedback in their own words!


Franz Lingl (Owner car dealership Lingl)

"Before all else, the new scanner solution by S4 pays off and makes sense. We finished the whole inventory with 4 people within 2 days – before that we needed 4 days with 6 to 8 people.

At the beginning, our team was not thrilled, as we did not have an adequate assignment of storage locations and it took some time to switch to barcodes. However, enthusiasm grew during the inventory and now, after three weeks of using AUTOSCAN, it is popular throughout the spare parts warehouse.

Posting parts with the scanner saves us valuable time; additionally it ensures more accuracy.”


Erwin A. Fuchs (Head of Parts Distribution, car dealership Höglinger)

"From the very first days, we saw noticeable improvements with the introduction of AUTOSCAN. The daily incoming goods handling became more efficient without the hassle of using lists anymore.  

AUTOSCAN also helps us to control our stock by using it for the goods issue (e.g. for garage goods issue). Above all: No parts are mistakenly issued that are not on an order and hence aren’t charged. This saves real money.”


Customers: Opel, BMW, Mercedes & more!

In the meantime, we count among our customers parts and car dealers in Austria as well as in Germany. AVAG, for example, has equipped three of their regional support warehouses (Wien, Stuttgart and Chemnitz) with barcode scanners. Additionally, the company is currently introducing AUTOSCAN in car dealerships selling the makes Opel, Ford and Toyota.

In addition to Höglinger, mentioned above, we gained the BMW car dealerships Göndle, BMW Frey and BMW Kaufmann as new customers. Others will follow in the coming months.

As the quote above shows, Lingl is one Opel car dealership working with AUTOSCAN, others are currently testing the barcodes scanner solution.

Coming up is the implementation with Mercedes: A pilot is currently taking place with the car dealership Mercedes-Benz Ermler.


AUTOSCAN now available for incadea.dms!

The newest version of AUTOSCAN is being tested by customers will be available from May onwards. With version 6.0, all features, which have been in use for CARLO and incadea.engine, are available for incadea.dms:

  • Incoming goods handling
  • Stocking
  • Relocating
  • Goods issue
  • Inventory
  • Parts information