Sucessful pilot of AUTOSCAN!

Our barcode scanner solution went through a successful pilot with two parts wholesalers. Go-live soon!

The pilot of AUTOSCAN took place in March. Soon it will be going live at two party wholesalers who will have the following features at their disposal:

  • Incoming goods handling
  • Stocking
  • Relocating
  • Parts information (description, brand, quantity in stock etc.)

Coming soon: Inventory

Close to completion is the feature “Inventory”, an interesting feature for parts dealers as well as workshop. The goal is to run the pilot in June.


The hardware

We recommend two scanners that we have tested and that we are happy to set up!

1. SEUIC AutoID9 (including accessories like pistol grip and charging station)

2. Honeywell CT50




AUTOSCAN is the ideal barcode scanner solution for workshops and parts dealers working with the incadea dealer management system.

Work processes are automated and thereby noticeable more efficent thanks to the seamless integration with incadea. Additionally, mistakes are avoided by the automatisation and the modern, user-friendly interface. AUTOSCAN makes it easy to work professionally!


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