New features for our S4_shop!

The first update for our parts web shop has been published and offers new features and improvements!

Our completely overhauled parts web shop has been in use by customers for a year now with very positive feedback. We are continuously working on extending and improving the shop.

Our web shop customers receive the update free of charge as part of our service. They will enjoy the following new features and improvements.

New features


1. Faster search (also only with fractions of the information)
The search function has been completely overhauled and is now up to ten times faster than before. Additionally, one can now search with only fractions of a parts number (or parts name).

2. New display of the quantity of a part in the cart
The new version includes a display of the quantity of a part already in the cart on the button “Add to cart”.



3. Hide purchase price
When looking for parts together with their customer, users of the web shop have now the possibility to hide their purchase prices.


4. Easier input via keyboard

The keyboard use has been optimized: On the one hand, the feature direct input, with which the parts are put directly into the cart using the part number, can now be employed using the keyboard only.

On the other hand, the most important input field is automatically selected when opening a page (e.g. the search field) – no need for manual selection anymore.

5. Improvement of the layout for printing
The layout for printing pages using the browser feature has been optimized to improve the printouts of orders, claims and other pages.


6. Different link lists for login and shop
From now on, different links can be shown on the login page and within the shop area. Visitors without access to the shop will thereby be pointed towards other information then logged in users.



There have been a few "stumbling blocks" in our systems that we’ve removed.

1. Part number did not work on claim page
In rare cases the system was not able to assign the number to a part when it was typed into the claim form. We solved this problem.

2. Double transmission
We were made aware that in certain circumstances the system created two orders (or claims) if the customer pressed the submit button twice in a very short amount of time. Fixed!


Our demo web shop: Try it!

In order to allow you to get a more precise idea of our web shop including the new features, we set up a demo version. Click on the picture and follow the link to our demo shop!

Want to know more...
Want to know more...
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