Second update for our S4_shop!

Our parts web shop for incadea has received an update once more this year, including new features and optimizations.

Our web shop customers receive the update free of charge as part of our service. They will enjoy the following new features and improvements.


New features


1. Direct input using catalog number

Up to now, direct input allowed users to put parts directly into the cart using the part number. Now catalog numbers can be used as well.



2. Finding orders by looking for added comments

When ordering parts the buyer can add comments to each item (e.g. the name of the customer for whom the part is being ordered). The search in the order overview now allows buyers to look for orders by typing in these comments. 



3. Importing data: Optimized emails

Up to now, an email was sent every time the importer finished looking for new data – even if it did not find any. Thanks to the update, emails will only be sent now if new data has been imported.


4. New text in detailed view

If you move the mouse cursor over the icons “green check mark” or “red exclamation mark”, a detailed delivery information appears. From now on, further information can be added in incadea to be shown in this pop-up.

5. Customizing: Personal theme now possible

A web shop owner can now implement his personal theme (colors, arrangement of elements etc.) provided he has the necessary knowledge to create the needed CSS file.


7. Display of version number

​​The current version number of the web shop is now shown on every page in the right corner at the bottom (currently: 2.1705).


8. Display of alternative parts in mobile layout

Alternative parts are now not only shown in the desktop version but also in the mobile view of the web shop.


9. Cart summary better arranged

The cart summary (the foldout menu in the upper corner on the right) is now better arranged: The description of the part is now positioned under the part number, so that long part numbers can be easily displayed.


10. Clearer distinction between list prices and customer prices

Customer prices are now displayed bigger then list prices, which are positioned underneath the customer prices.



This update also contains some minor bug fixes. Among other things, assortment data was deleted during the import in some very special cases: When the same part was offered twice in a web shop (coming from two different suppliers), the part of one supplier was replaced by the part of the other supplier by mistake during the import. From now on, the supplier is taken into account when a part is imported.


B2B: Amazon interface for incadea

As of late, we also offer a new module consisting of an interface to Amazon. The new module for our S4_shop provides an automatic transfer and processing of Amazon orders in incadea!

For more information, please read our article!


Our demo web shop: Try it!

In order to allow you to get a more precise idea of our web shop including the new features, we set up a demo version. Click on the picture and follow the link to our demo shop!

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Want to know more...
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