Third update for our S4_shop!

Several shopping carts, videos on the homepage and the possibility to show banner ads – all of this and more is part of the third upgrade for our parts web shop!


Our parts web shop for incadea has received a few more new features as well as modules that can be added if needed:


1. The new features

Video on the homepage

Apart from the background image you can now also add a video on the homepage. To see an example please visit the web shop of Automobilforum KADEA GmbH!

Search results sorted by "best result"

Following the update the search results will be ranked by relevance; that is, the best results will be shown on top (e.g. the words that are 100% identical with the searched term).

Alternative item numbers can be removed

For some makes the display of alternative numbers is needed (for example, the "catalog number" in the screenshot below). Up to now, the column was standard; with the update you can now decide for yourself if it is shown or not. This saves space and confusion!

Back button on the second level

If you go from the page with the details of a part to the page of an alternative part, you will now find a back button there.  

Display of backend version

​​The current version number of the backend is now shown on every page in the right corner at the bottom next to the version of the frontend.


2. The new modules

Banner ad module

Occasionally you might want to inform your customer about upcoming promotions. You can do so now with the banner ad module: A pop-up appears after the customer logs in and shows him or her promotions which can be flipped through. When the customer closes the pop-up it moves to the right and can be reopened any time (even after logging in again).

Module "Several shopping carts"

This module allows web shop customers to create several shopping carts and to order them separately. For example, this is helpful when you want to collect parts in a main shopping cart over a longer period while making extra orders in between. Furthermore, a logical separation of shopping carts according to end customers or urgency is possible.

You can choose the shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart pop-out. That’s where you can also create a new shopping cart.


3. The optimizations

More reliable: Saving additional information

Now and then, the complete text entered as additional information when ordering a part was not completely saved because the transfer to the server was already in progress during the entry. We fixed this problem. Generally, we reduced the number of server requests in this process to make it more stable and faster.

Fixed: Not enough space in the order overview

When clicking on a position in the order overview a pop-up opens. Up to now, it could get a bit crowded with all the information in that pop-up so we limited the width for the description. Additionally, the column with the alternative parts number can be removed to create some more space.


Our demo web shop: Try it!

In order to allow you to get a more precise idea of our web shop including the new features, we set up a demo version. Click on the picture and follow the link to our demo shop!

Interested in our S4_shop?

Werner Schumacher is looking forward to answering all your questions!